The Distance Between Us - Kasie West

I loved this book SO much that it could possibly join my favourites fact, it definitely HAS joined it! This was one of those PERFECT love stories with a likable heroine, a totally relatable complication, witty dialogues AND a guy that makes you melt, of course! :p Okay, that makes it sound pretty flimsy and average. My point is that there was not a single part in the story that ruined my initial impression and every moment was better than I anticipated. I really liked Caymen Meyers especially her sarcasm and dry wit because it gave her an edgy touch and took her from ‘ordinary’ to ‘kickass’ whereas Xander Spence was (insert lovestruck sigh) TOO good to be true! He came off as an arrogant rich-boy with his expensive clothes and i-own-the-world attitude but pretty soon, you get to see how much he cares about Caymen. Underneath all that sophistication and stiffness, he is so darn sweet! : ) The story was not only cute but also REAL as far as Xander and Caymen’s lifestyle and background differences are concerned and how they eventually overcome them. Oh and the scene in which they finally give in to each other’s feelings was worth all the tension and waiting...this factor is highly significant for me because in several books, the anticipation builds and builds and when the moment happens, it falls short of my expectation or is too cheesy/lame. Now, I am going to read ‘On The Fence’ by the same author because this book left me no other choice but to try out everything else written by Kasie West!