On the Fence - Kasie West

Either I am a hopeless ninny when it comes to ANY mushy love story or this book really is yet another beautiful piece of work by Kasie West! Seriously, I was hoping but NOT expecting it to be as good as the previous one. This time, the girl is completely opposite but so much more interesting to read about because she is a total tomboy, has THREE brothers and her awkward transition into girly stuff including makeup and dresses is both enjoyable and frustrating. The guy, Braden, is their neighbour, her brother’s best friend and her fourth ‘brother’ as they’ve known each other their whole lives and the whole complication where he couldn’t admit his feelings for her even though it was so so obvious...I loved it! BUT, surprisingly, this time the guy isn’t who I thought was the highlight of the story...Charlie and her relationship with her brothers (especially Gage) and Braden as a family was the most memorable part for me! I‘ve always wondered what it would have been like to have an older brother(s) so reading about a girl who has three of them and how they are both fiercely annoying AND protective of her is fascinating for me...all of their moments together were adorable and HILARIOUS! I also really admire Charlie for being so sporty and confident...another kickass heroine! I loved this book and now, ‘Pivot Point’ is next in my to-read list. : )