Angel - L.A. Weatherly

 I am just going to keep this review simple and straight-forward. The whole twist that angels are actually the opposite of benign and heavenly was different but not THAT interesting. I liked the heroine especially the fact that she was not annoying and knew how to give a guy his space but she was not much different from most I’ve read about. I loved Alex because aside from being hot and badass, he was smart and sensitive and sweet and I liked his POV better. I really enjoyed the build-up and tension leading to their relationship but when they finally got together, things got too cheesy and monotonous after a while...even for me :p There was a moment in the plot which shocked me but the rest of it was pretty much predictable. Overall, I had fun reading the book and I will read the next two books too although I am mostly interested in Alex and Willow’s relationship and whether it will develop any further because it has fallen flat by the end of this book.