Angel Fire - L.A. Weatherly

I am still in the middle of this book and though the story as a whole is getting better and better, I still wanted to mention that I do NOT like where Alex and Willow’s relationship is headed. Seb, the only other half-angel aside from Willow, is interesting and super-hot especially with that Spanish accent (reminded me of Jesse from the Mediator series plus they use the same endearments too :p) BUT there is no way I am going to accept Seb and Willow getting together just because they are the only two of their kind (no matter how much I find it cute when Seb calls Willow ‘querida’) or Alex and KARA (hate her) getting together just because they have a history and are both human!! The thing is I am still firmly on Team Alex until something happens to change my mind though that‘s something I am dreading because I just love Alex even more in this book...the scenes where he gets jealous are just so cute! Ah well. Let’s see what happens.