This has happened with me SO many times and not only because everytime I go out, books are the ONLY thing I am interested in spending money on but also due to a weird obsession of mine (or at least, that is what everyone else calls it). See, just READING a book isn't enough for me. If it's a good one, I'll make it a point to BUY it for myself if I see it...even if I've read it a million times already (which means it's worth it anyway)! Why??? Because I LOVE the feeling of holding it in my hands and being able to turn the pages. It's an incredibly joyful moment for me to have that book for myself...the story feels more REAL somehow. Thus, I enter a book store intending to buy the latest book in some series but I obviously don't have enough money for the ones I've already read but still want...which, by the by, are WAY too many! :-P