City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare

This is probably the fifth time I've completed this book and even though it's the second most depressing book in the Mortal Instruments series(after City Of Lost Souls), I still read it again for two reasons. One is that I just bought it for myself and reading it while holding it is so much more better than reading it on your phone. Second is that I love all the books in this series and I wanted to relive all the Jace and Clary moments! Of course, in the last three books, Jace and Clary are TOGETHER and can finally acknowledge their relationship and it's a wonderful relief but I have to say...the whole forbidden love thing when they believe they are siblings?? I enjoyed that even more!! Coming back to this book, I really love the bits where the past including Will (sigh) and London and De Quincy is mentioned. Similarly, the scenes involving Brother Zacharia/Jem are ones I love too because they are the link to another world and the Infernal Devices story which I ADORE. In short, I had a great time revisiting this book! The ending, as always, has left me feeling mopey though so I keep reminding myself that Jace would get fixed and will be himself eventually!!