The Hollow - Jessica Verday

Don’t you love it when a book that had you feeling skeptical and doubtful turns out to be worth reading? Well, that’s the Hollow series in a nutshell...dark AND romantic! Now that I‘ve decided that any book in which I get totally absorbed and which I am unable to put down deserves at least four stars anyway, I am going to give this series an honest review. I enjoyed the trilogy so much that I read all three of them in three days without stopping to breathe...L.J Smith‘s words that these books ‘make you keep on reading without coming up for air‘ hit right on the spot! I had missed this feeling where you get drunk with the story and the characters and reading this series brought it all back. The plot reminds me of the Mediator series by Meg Cabot because the girl can see dead people including a really cute guy! I found the heroine, Abigail, okay enough but her attitude with her parents really got on my nerves and the words ‘ungrateful brat’ often came to my mind. The guy, Caspian, was so so so sweet and caring and an absolute gentleman...I liked his combination of green eyes and ‘shockingly white-blond’ hair with a black stripe in the middle! :p Yes, there were some loopholes and the ending was a bit rushed and unsatisfactory. Nevertheless, I had a great time with the books and THAT is what‘s important!