The Secret Circle: The Initiation and The Captive Part I - L.J. Smith

L.J Smith’s books occupy a significant portion of my bookshelf and even though the Vampire Diaries books are very disappointing compared to the show, I like the rest of them especially the Night World series. So, after hearing about the Secret Circle series and the show based on them, I was itching to try them out. I am happy to state that the books, with their witches and magic theme, are quite interesting and I am in the middle of the second book...and enjoying it. The heroine, Cassie Blake, is not that likable due to her weak and mousy nature but I still like her and Adam’s side-romance or the potential for it anyway because Adam is already taken and his girlfriend is Cassie’s best friend! As for the rest of the characters, they’re all pretty mysterious and intriguing especially Deborah and Nick. Faye, the girl you love to hate, is the entertaining factor. All in all, I think the Secret Circle series is way better than the Vampire Diaries books and as soon as I finish with them, I will check out the show...I just hope Adam and Cassie end up together in the end! :D