The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

I tend to stay away from the science fiction department but I have to say...this one completely sucked me in and the best part was that the plot wasn’t predictable and I was often left guessing as to what would happen next. As for the characters, I am so attached to them especially Ben Parish/Zombie (I was so shocked when I found out he is one of the key characters) and Sam/Nugget while I admire Cassie for being tough and badass (telling the enemy to f***k off instead of pleading or crying when he is about to kill you and your little brother takes some serious guts :p) and Ringer...well, she is still a mystery. Speaking of mysteries, Evan Walker is one character that had me totally confused. At first, I thought he was Ben but then he turns out to be one of the Others after all. My initial feelings were suspician mixed with the usual ones when a hot guy pops up in a story but by the end, the way he takes care of Cassie, tolerates her freak-out episodes and risks his own life to help her save her brother...I fell for the guy. Of course, the whole thing where he is turning against his own species because he is in love with her is so romantic :p. Anyway, I loved this book and the aliens in it give me the creeps! I just hope that nothing happens to Ben, Evan, Cassie and Sam because I would not be able to handle it.