Private - Kate Brian

I have only one word for it and that's DISAPPOINTING. This book let me down and the worst part is that I wanted to read it for so long and after failing to download it, I happened to find it in a book store and I was ECSTATIC because I expected something great from the author who gave us Megan Mead and the Mcgowan boys. This was anything BUT great. The main problem was the utterly despicable excuse for a heroine and she ruined what was otherwise an intriguing plot. I found her desperate and selfish and I lost respect for her because she was willing to do ANYTHING to get in with the Billings crowd. The last thing I expect in heroines is perfection but there has to be some redeeming quality or strength of character but here...nothing. I don't even feel like reading further because I couldn't stand another dose of Reed Brennan. I feel that the Privilege series would be better even though I've only read one of the books because Arianna Osgood's scheming and plotting keeps you hooked while Reed Brennan is just PATHETIC.     :-(