Isla and the Happily Ever After - Stephanie Perkins I missed this. The feelings and the excitement and of course, the ROMANCE...everything associated with Stephenie Perkin's books! I remember when I first (had the extremely good fortune to) read 'Anna and the french kiss' and I fell in love with it INSTANTLY! I'll praise it properly in it's own review but my point is that it was the BEST no doubt and 'Isla and the happily ever after' comes second to it. Still, I really really enjoyed reading it and the romance was drool-worthy as expected with the Josh and Isla moments making me grin like a moron...they were so so so CUTE! We get to see a new side of Josh and I love the sweet-vulnerable-caring side as much as the bad boy-brooding artist side of him. The way he treats Isla and those sketches and his graphic was all so damn romantic that it almost made me swoon (sigh)! As for Isla, I liked her better than Lola but her stupid insecurities irritated me especially when they led her to break up with Josh in the middle. AAAAAND the icing on top??? Etienne and Anna get ENGAGED!!!!!! I felt like shrieking for joy and I'll insert a big YAHOO here for my favourite couple anyway! I loved this book and now I'm going to read it again in order to savour every moment of it! :-)