Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins

Before I go on, let me just state the fact that there are not enough words to praise this book...I could go on forever but I'll TRY to limit my gushing in this review. Firstly, you have Etienne St.Clair (I LOVE the name!) who is definitely NOT a bad-boy but is this incredibly witty, funny and OF COURSE, extremely attractive guy and his British accent (swoon!) makes him even more so. Then, you have Anna Oliphant who is a very likable heroine and I really enjoyed reading it all from her POV. Next, the setting of the story...PARIS!!! In other words, you have the perfect setting for romance plus I loved getting to know about it's culture and sights and everything. Getting back to St.Clair and Anna, I absolutely ADORED every second of their relationship; their first encounter, the instant connection and friendship, their every conversation of which most involved hilarious retorts being exchanged back and forth, his gifts including the left-handed notebook (He remembers that Anna is left sweet!), the banana bead and the love poetry book, the way they understand and help each other with their family drama, the two of them being jealous of the other's girlfriend/crush, how Anna goes on to be the only person who calls him Etienne and not St.Clair like everyone I said, EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. I also loved the whole group of friends (Josh, Meredith and Rashmi) and their interactions with each other...each of them are great characters in their own right. Sigh, the scene at the end when St.Clair and Anna finally put words to their love for each other is HEART MELTING. This book and this love story will NEVER get old and stay with me forever (I've only read it about a million times :-P) and Etienne St.Clair is one of THE best guy characters out there. I just cannot believe that this the author's DEBUT  novel...incredible!